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Follows here an incomplete list of BraDypUS' IT services.

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Web database

BraDypUS is, first of all, a web database system. Up to 18 international projects are actually using our system to manage their data

Web G.I.S.

BraDypUS brings your geographical databases and G.I.S. projects on the web. Direct web view (via web browser) is available as well as WFS & WMS access for desktop users. Some of our supported projects are listed below. All web G.I.S. services are hosted in our developing server

Web Desktop

BraDypUS brings you on the cloud! Never loose your data anymore!

Web Desktop permits you to load documents on line, share with your colleagues, and read & edit your documents from anywhere using just your web Browser on a desktop computer, netbook, tablet, or... mobile phone!

SVN Web Repositories

Reliable and secore svn repositories for you and your collaborators

Subversion is one of the most famous versioning and revision control system, by Apache. You can use it to maintain current and historical versions of files such as source code, web pages, documentation and other

All archive are password protected

E-publishing - BraDypUS.books

BraDypUS.books allows you to publish, read, share download your books on line. A web aplication is provided to view contents (EPUB, HTML, PDF, etc.). The web application is optimized for desktop, netbook, tablet, and mobile phone use.

Ebooks are also available for download, in different formats.

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Web design and development

BraDypUS will build and promote your web site in the web.

Several solutions are available: from the most well-known open source CMS to our own, build on your needs.

protected Pay attention please!

Some of our projects are password protected!

Only authorized users can access.

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